Making a roof upgrade or replacement decision is a huge investment. You want to make sure you select a roofing material that returns the best value for your money. What roof aesthetics are you after? How much is your budget?

If you desire elegantly looking roof materials and extreme luxury, slate roof tiles are an excellent choice. However, that comes at an extra price. So, what exactly is a slate roof, and what makes it stand out?

What is a slate roof made of?

A slate roof is a form of stone roofing crafted from natural hard slate tiles. Once mined, the slate is cut into square tiles, and that is how it ends up on your roof.

Slate comes from naturally occurring hard stone. Therefore, slate roofs do not absorb water or warp due to moisture damage. They are also resistant to fire.

Furthermore, slate can uncompromisingly maintain its luster for decades, making it a reliable roofing solution in modern homes. Slate roof shingles are heavily praised for their beauty, longevity, and durability.

However, because of the weight and small size of the slate roof tiles, they can only be installed one at a time. That translates to a lengthy roof replacement process. Even so, once installed, you will shelf your roof damage concerns for a good number of decades. Some slate roofs from the Reconstruction Era are still in decent shape 300 years later.

So, is slate the correct roofing material for you?

There are a few considerations you must make to answer this question right, including:

  • Slate roof tiles are heavy, and your roof deck must have reinforcements to bear the weight. You must determine if your house can withstand all that weight by consulting an expert.
  • Slate roof tiles are expensive because of their production process and shipping. These processes translate to huge installation costs as well.
  • Finally, not very many roofers are familiar with the installation of slate roofs. So, you must carefully select your roofing team for the best durable outcomes.

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