Whether you are on the hunt for a commercial or residential roofer, you can’t just fall for anyone with a name tag and branded truck. You need an extremely keen eye to screen the roofing contractor you are bringing on board for your project.

To avoid a shoddy roof installation that will accelerate your roof damage and multiply your roof repair expenses, only settle for the best of the best.

At Universal Roofing, we never disappoint. We always shutter expectations by providing the best-in-class roofing services to all our clients.

As a leading roofing company, we understand all it takes to become the best. Here are a few critical considerations you need to look into.


How do you identify reputable roofing companies?

Your roof is one of the most fundamental elements in your protection arsenal. Without it, things can turn pretty ugly.

To ensure it stays in top condition all year round and provides you with uncompromised protection, team up with a reliable roofer for the installation, inspection, and maintenance.

This is what to check for.

·       Licenses and insurance

A valid state license will tell you whether they are a professional roofer. If they are an expert, they will possess several insurances for their services. Further, assess their knowledge of roof insurance policies and procedures in your state.


·       Roofing process

This will minimize inconveniences to your routine and help you plan your schedule and budget early enough.


·       Project portfolio

Request for references from the company to assess their previous projects. Ask for video or image proof of the before and after the status of the projects.


·       Roof warranties

Find out if their roofs are warranted and for how long. A generous warranty is good for your peace of mind eliminating unnecessary maintenance costs.


·       Online reviews

Take enough time to inspect online reviews about the company. Combine reviews from both real-life customers and reputable listing sites to gain insight into the roofer’s work ethic.


Work with the best!

We are famed for being customer-oriented for we treat each client like family. To help you understand your roof’s condition, we offer free inspections. Afterward, we provide a free estimate and expert advice. Get in touch today to partner with us.