Things you should never do to your roof
It is no secret that you need to take great care of your roof. Your house is likely one of your largest, if not the largest, investment of your life. Your roof is an important line of defense for keeping that investment safe.

There are a lot of things you should do to your roof to ensure its health is maintained – regular inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs. However, there are equally important things you should not do.

Power wash
Never power wash your roof! The granules in your asphalt roof are essential to deflecting the sun and providing adequate runoff. Granules also protect against fire and flying debris. Power washers are too strong for the granules and will wipe sections of the roof clean off.

If you have moss or algae you are trying to remove a gentle solution of bleach and water can do the trick. It is important to be gentle while washing the roof down. Zinc strips, placed at the peaks of your roof can help prevent buildup as well.

Hang a basketball hoop
It might be appealing to attach a basketball hoop to your house to shoot around. However, basketball hoops, when used often enough, will shake the roof continuously. This will loosen bolts or break the seal of the roof leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks.

Attach Christmas lights
If you are nailing or screwing in Christmas lights to your roof, you are creating spots where leaks can occur. It is best to avoid this entirely and hang lights from gutters using clips instead.

Ignore buildup
If you notice leaves, sticks, and other debris piling up in the valleys or gutters of your roof, do not ignore them. These can cause drainage problems leading to interior leaks. If left long enough, the problem will just compound and ice and snow damage will occur.

Put a new roof over your old roof
It might seem like an easy way to save money – you would not have to pay the roofing contractor to remove the old roof. However, old roofs should always be replaced when you decide to purchase a new one. There is no benefit to doing so, but it may cause further problems.

Pull up shingles
While inspecting your roof you might try to pull up shingles to look for leaks. Don’t! Pulling up shingles will only create more leaking problems. Even if you think you can properly set the shingle back in place, you should avoid doing so. If you think there are serious leaking problems underneath the shingles, hire an expert to come out and take a look.

Install any hardware directly on your roof
Satellite dishes or solar panels are attractive investments. However, when installing them it is important to do so properly. All the nails and screws being used to install this hardware directly to the roof, create vulnerable spots where leaking can eventually occur. It is best to use a hidden bracket system to prevent any problems. Or, you can hire a professional to do the job as well.

Cut holes in your roof
If you want to install a roof vent or skylight on your roof, it is best to hire a professional. Each requires cutting holes into the roof that will need to installed and fastened properly to avoid leaks. Even the best handyman can leave a tiny spot that will lead to serious issues.

Walk on your roof
It is best practice not to walk on your roof. You might be stepping on weak spots causing interior damage or falling entirely through (though rare). If you absolutely need to get on a roof, do so with caution and try to crawl to disperse your body weight. You should hire a professional if you are uncertain about what you’re doing.