Are you looking for a stylish way to update your home? False ceilings are one of the hottest trends to hit home design. From a subtle decorative touch to jaw-dropping statement pieces, false ceilings can instantly transform your space and increase your home’s value. 

Whatever your design style and budget, there’s a false ceiling that is perfect for your home! Some of the most popular false ceilings of 2022 include Plaster of Paris, wood, and gypsum. 

To inspire you, we’ve compiled the hottest false ceiling designs of 2022. 

  1. Ceiling with Hidden Lighting

The concealed lighting system is the best way to make a room feel warm and inviting. It will also add elegance to any space. Ceilings with hidden lighting typically operate alongside the primary lighting in the room rather than replacing it.

False ceilings with hidden lights are quickly gaining traction as one of the hottest home design trends of 2022. The hidden lighting system is a great way to highlight a focal point, such as an eye-catching heirloom or particular space in a room.

  1. Two-Tone Ceiling

Plasterboard ceilings are one of the most versatile and simplest ways to create ambiance in a room. Because the look is created through paint, two-tone ceilings can instantly change the aesthetics of a room. For a moody and dramatic feel choose bold or dark colors. If you want a warm and cozy space simply darken or lighten the existing paint color for a two-tone ceiling.

Contemporary looks are achieved by painting the plasterboard false ceiling two distinct colors. Two-toned ceilings let you change the vibe of the room without committing to permanence. However, carefully choose the ceiling’s two-tone hue to avoid making the room lookbusy. 

  1. Geometric Patterns

Modern home decor is characterized by straight, clean lines, simplicity, and elegance without needless preparation. Geometric patterned false ceilings are a signature feature in contemporary design. Square structures, in particular, look fantastic in modern homes. Square geometric false ceilings draw attention to a space, making a room appear more intimate.

  1. Circular Ceiling Designs

Straight lines and curved lines can be employed in very diverse ways. As a result, a false ceiling with a circular shape will produce an entirely different feel than one with squares. Curved plasterboard ceilings are more traditional, evoking a timelessness all its own.

Adding elegant ceiling lights into the false ceiling further exemplifies opulence. You’ll find that traditional wooden, circular false ceilings make a beautiful contrast to white ceilings.

  1. Wooden False Ceiling

The woodwork on false ceiling designs instantly elevates home design. Intricate carvings on wooden false ceilings add a dramatic and high-end touch to a room. Wooden false ceilings break up the monotony in large homes.

There are many inventive ways to incorporate woodwork into a false ceiling, all of which will produce handsome results. Use a full wooden false ceiling for dramatic results or small accents for a more subtle design feature.

  1. Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris, sometimes known as POP, is necessary for creating false ceilings. This adaptable material is used to create many different false ceilings in various designs. POP false ceiling designs are a fashionable and popular way to incorporate design details into your home simply and affordably! Dining areas are one of the top places to incorporate POP faux ceiling design.

  1. Layered False Ceilings

Visual interest is always produced through layering. To make the ceiling more elaborate, place another layer of POP over the rectangular “tray” appearance.

Create a focal point on your POP artificial ceiling by hanging a trendy hardwood slab low from the center to the top of your dining table.

The best ceiling designs are known for their trendy and alluring design, are budget-friendly, and easy to install.

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