Siding Repair, How Should Be Done, When To Do It

As an exterior layer of protection to your home, your siding takes a severe beating from the scorching sun, cold, strong winds, and dampening rain all year long. Although modern sidings are made to last, at some point in their lifespan, they will need repair.

Whether you are dealing with vinyl siding, stucco siding, lap siding, or any other type of siding, you cannot escape siding damage in form of dents, holes, and aging. However, such issues can easily be fixed and inexpensively so.

Every small repair to your siding increases its lifespan and spares you the trouble and expenses of a major repair.


When should you consider siding repair?

Repairing a damaged siding is faster and less costly than replacing it entirely. When it is time for a quick repair, your siding will show some visible signs including:

  • Chipping, cracking, or dents in the siding material either on a small section or a single panel
  • Presence of mold or dry rot due to moisture damage
  • Detached or loose siding panels due to poor installation or strong wind storms
  • Blisters or bubbles, especially on vinyl sidings due to moisture trapping and evaporation under the siding


How is siding repair done?

Depending on your siding material and extent of damage, siding repair may take different forms as follows:

  • To repair a small puncture on a vinyl siding, clean the affected area with a siding cleaner then wipe it dry with a rag. Next, fill up the hole with caulk then use a caulk trimmer to level the filled-up surface. For a bigger hole, patch it up with a scrap piece of siding using caulk.
  • To repair small holes and cracks on a stucco siding, simply use a caulk or apply a patch to seal the gap.
  • For damaged aluminum siding, simply patch the holes or replace the panel at the joints.


Siding repair Augusta GA

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